May 29 to June 7th Update

All tomatoes are now in their final resting spots.

Basil is in the planter boxes on the deck and the greenhouse.

Hanging baskets done and hung.

Transplanted lettuce and basil seedlings.

Seeded more lettuce and basil.

Most of the carrot seeds appear to have sprouted. Some peas are coming up but only about 50% so I planted some more.

Planning a new raised bedĀ in the back yard to replace the multiplanter box. The planter box has ants setting up shop so time to go. Plus it just kind of sucked in terms of growing things. Looked cool, stayed level with all the frost heavingĀ for some 7 or 8 seasons. But having 16 2×2 foot boxes was too much work and just didn’t work that well. Would’ve worked better with flowers no doubt but not with lettuce. Going to replace it with a simple 12 x 8 foot raised bed. The wood will rot eventually but can be replaced easily. It will be functional but not pretty. May end up getting rocks for it, instead of wood but that will take some time.

Bought some more rosemary plants from a local greenhouse. Not the best looking rosemary but they were the only ones available.

Berry bushes (haskaps/honey berries and saskatoons) are all in bloom and the giant bumble bees are bizzzzy.

Weather has been warm and we finally had some rain today. Ground is well soaked now. Sun is coming.

We harvested some arugula leaves and tops of some basil plants on Sunday.