April 15th Update

Most of the tomatoes came up within 7 to 10 days as per usual. I re-seeded last weekend the plugs that didn’t have sprouts. Of course, a few late ones came up a day or two later after the second seeding.

Lettuce planted in the greenhouse has not come up and perhaps won’t since there have been some cold nights since the end of March (a weed came up though, surprise, surprise). Going to plant some more lettuce this weekend. May also try some arugula soon too.

Time to seed some basil inside.

I’ve built the frame to hold my new LED grow light. Just a cheap light from CanTire ($27) plus $21 for a socket, reflector and clamp. But if it does as well as the fluorescent lights have done then I’ll buy several more. I’ve set up a cross beam 1×2 that is held in place by spring clamps on each of two posts (2×2). the posts are attached to the sides of the box that holds my four 4 ft fluorescent lights.  The beam is where the LED lights clamp on to and then you can move the lights up and down to adjust for plant growth. This set up will ideally work well for my tomatoes when they get bigger. If I install more lights, this will also double the growing space I have in the same square footage – from about 8 sq ft to 16 sq ft – so it will allow more plants to be started as well as to keep them inside longer.

Weather was unusually warm two weekends ago but since then it got colder and since then the snow is melting slowly.

The box where I’ll start my first arugula is almost completely thawed. This could in part be due that the soil was fairly dry last Fall. Found some weird white stuff that looks like cream cheese in the dirt. Very strange find but par for post winter as many weird things are discovered as the snow and ice recede.

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