May 2nd to 25th Update

May 2nd planted more Arugula (deck box).

May 3rd planted more lettuce and nasturtiums

May 5th planted more Arugula (box below the deck)

May 11th Arugula planted on May 3rd is coming up.

May 11th seeded a section of the main raised bed with lettuce.

May 11th first peas planted.

May 11-17th various transplanting and stuff that I can’t remember. Nasturtiums coming up in greenhouse.

May 17th  seeded more lettuce (Butterhead), basil and nasturtiums.

May 18th seeded two wall (lattice boxes) with nasturtiums.

May 22nd transplanted lettuce into section of main raised bed.

May 23rd seeded more lettuce (Butterhead and other non-green Romaine varieties).

May 24th raked and fertilized (composted manure) berry and lilac bushes.

May 25th peas coming up.