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  1. Stumbled upon your great blog tonight while searching for hints and tips for gardening in Yellowknife, I am a novice gardener interested in getting into gardening.

    Do you have any tips/advice for beginner gardeners in YK? I am headed to get seeds tomorrow to start them in the peat miss pucks. I hope to have tomatoes and peas for sure but is there any thing else I should be looking at? We are just going to be doing container/pot planters this year.


    1. Lettuce and basil work well in pots. You can sow a couple of crops during the season, especially if you start now indoors/outdoors (take out during the day for sun and back in at night). Mint grows well too.

  2. If you wanted to share any part of this message on your blog that would be awesom! I am going through all your blogs again hoping to glean some of your expertise in my garden this summer,, hoping anyways, lol 🙂
    A YK Farmers Market Vendor meeting is being held tomorrow Wed. March 13 7:00pm NUP. We are looking for food growers and food makers, if you are interested in a table at any point this summer please contact us yellowknifecommonscoop@gmail.com or Amy 445 9603, France 873 1101. It’s going to be a great summer and we need everybody to contribute 🙂 Sorry for the short notice, contact us anytime.

  3. Hey, I was wondering if I could use your picture of haskaps in an educational resource? I would tag the source. Thanks,
    Michelle (on behalf of a project for Ecology North)

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