Starting Tomatoes and Basil – April 10th


Seeded two more trays on Friday. One tray of Tiny Tim tomatoes and a tray of two types of basil. This are early ripening cherry tomatoes that generally don’t need to be supported. Look like litte Xmas trees. Most of the other tomatoes planted almost two weeks ago have sprouted.


I’ve been quite tardy on the updates of late. Too busy to take photos and what photos I did take I can’t find. lol….

But I will take some photos soon.

Garden is going well. Things are a bit slower than in years past because of cool May and early June.

I have all my tomatoes in their permanent boxes. Most of my basil has been transplanted as has my lettuce. Not enough space for the lettuce so a lot will end up in containers as they were in the days of yore.

Rainy cold Canada Day here in the north – otherwise I might take some pics and post.

Happy gardening for now.


April 26th Update

Weather has turned cold in the last week or so.


Planted some lettuce and nasturtium seeds about 3 weeks ago, and then some more of both about a week or so ago in the greenhouse. Also planted some arugula see in a box on the deck – covered with plastic – this past Monday. Pretty cold at night though.


Tomatoes are doing alright. Most came up. May seed a few more or not bother. I don’t know. Planted a bunch of basil seeds last Sunday.